MHS Class of 1968

Class of 1968

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MHS 1968
Coolidge 1965

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Ackley to Althaus Ammons to Anderson E.Anderson to M.Anderson M.Anderson to R.Anderson
Anderson to Anselmi Armstrong to Atkins Atteberry to Baker Ballard to Bauman
Baxter to Beresford Bergstrom to Bingham Bishop to Black Bledsoe to Blomquist
Blondell to Blow Blunt to Braatelien Brainard to Bruyntjens Bryant to Burdick
Burkhiser to Carlson D.Carlson to S.Carlson Carlstrom to Cason Cecil to Chapman
Clark to Collins Collins to Conelly Cook to E.Copeland H.Copeland to Countryman
Covemaker to Craig Cramer to Cross Crow to Davis Davis to DeClerck
DeKeyzer to DeMeulenaere Denhardt to DeWitt Dietsch to Dobbs Donelly to Ekler
Ellett to Fargo Farris to Feuerbach Finch to Fiscus Fitzpatrick to Fostervold
Frederiksen to French Friedman to Furlong Gabriel to Gerard Gerstenberger to Glassman
Gleize to Greene Greenfield to Gurik Gustafson to Hack Haddick to Hallberg
Hallstrom to Hammitt Hammock to Harrington Harris to Henderson Hendricks to Hermann
Hernandez to Hicks Hicks to Hingtgen Hoeltzner to Houchin Howe to Hull
Hunt to Ibsen Impens to Inskeep Jackson to Jared Jenkins to Johnson
B.Johnson to G.Johnson J.Johnson to N.Johnson P.Johnson to Kay Kelly to King
Klieber to Klyber Knaack to Kruse Kuberski to Lamberson Lambert to Leech
Lehman to Longley Longmire to Lord Maas to Mahieu Mallek to Maltby
Manchester to Marcussen Marino to Massey Massey to McAfee McConaghy to McVey
McWhirter to Meyers Miles to Mitchell Mitchell to Moen Moller to Morford
Morrison to Mullen Mulliken to Nelson Nelson to Nurse Oaks to O'Brien
Odell to Olson Olson to Otis Ough to Parks Parsons to Paxton
Payden to Pearson Pearson to Pepping C.Peterson to L.Peterson M.Peterson to S.Peterson
Petrovich to Piliponis Pizano to Powell Pyles to Raney Rasche to Reichmiller
Reneau to Reyes Reynolds to Rifley Riggs to Robeson Roby to Roush
Rowell to Scherschel Schrempf to Scudder Schilb to Schmitz Sedlock to Sellers
Sharrar to Shinn Shipley to Simmons Simoens to Skantz Slater to K.Smith
L.Smith to Starr Starr to Stolbom Stontz to Strandlund Streiff to Strutz
Studley to Sumner Surber to Thorton Tietz to Turner Uecker to Vana
VanAcker to VandeCastaele VanOverberg to Vatt Veiland to Wahlgren Walden to Ward
Warner to Watson Webb to Weckel Weller to Wessel Westbrooks to Whicker
Whipple to Wiese Wilburn to Willis Wilson to Zimmerman Wolfe to Zaderaka