David R. Page

David Page

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Page, Campbell's Island, IL, received word yesterday that their son, Airman First Class David R. Page, 20, was killed in an airplane crash on Formosa Oct. 2, 1970.

Ground search crews reportedly reached the crash scene during the weekend and found no survivors among the 43 passengers aboard the Air Force transport.

The plane crashed on a mountain at an altitude of 6,000 feet then slid into an "inaccessible area" according to a report the family received from the Air Force last week.

Because of the same rough terrain which hindered search efforts, it may be as long as 10 days to two weeks before the body of Airman Page is returned to the United States, the Air Force message stated.

Funeral arrangements will be made at the VanHoe Funeral Home in East Moline.

Airman Page was on his way to Taiwan to begin a 15-month tour of duty when the plane crashed.

He had been in the Air Force for 21 months but was beginning his first overseas assignment

Airman Page was born Jun. 5, 1950 in Moline and graduated in 1968 from Moline High School. He attended Black Hawk College before enlisting in the Air Force in December 1968.

He married Diana DeSpain of East Moline Feb. 15, 1969. She had been living with her parents, Mr. And Mrs. Louis Phelps since Page went overseas.

In addition to his parents and widow, Airman Page is survived by a daughter, Lori Ann and a sister, Priscilla, at home.


David Page Obituary


Obituary from Rock Island Argus, Oct 12 1970