Class of 1968


Here are a few pictures from 'everyday' Moline today.
If you have some pictures of places that are special to you,
why not send them to us and we'll share them with your classmates.

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23x33st.jpg (88836 bytes)
Former Moline Engine: 23rd Ave
It has a new name now
23x33st2.jpg (56120 bytes)
Former Laundramat
23x33st3.jpg (66998 bytes)
Former Dairy Queen
on 23rd Ave & 33rd St
23x34th.jpg (66618 bytes)
Clark Station in 2002
on 23rd & 34th
(gone by 2011)
33rd-st.jpg (50418 bytes)
33rd Street

34th-from-23rd.jpg (67306 bytes)
34th Street from 23rd Ave
banfields-alley.jpg (63088 bytes)
Alley between 33rd & 34th Streets
back-of-coolidge.jpg (59591 bytes)
Behind Coolidge

from-coolidge.jpg (67670 bytes)
McDonald's across from Coolidge
mickeyd-from-34th-st.jpg (57296 bytes)
McDonald's from 34th St
7-4-02-east-moline.jpg (25287 bytes)
4th of July parade in EM
3rd-ave.jpg (32017 bytes)
3rd Ave. web cam
44982.jpg (25287 bytes)
Mills Chevrolet

gospel-temple.jpg (42846 bytes)
Gospel Temple

montgomery.jpg (76551 bytes)
View from Deere- Wiman House
pavilion2.jpg (34552 bytes)
John Deere Pavilion on 3rd Avenue
Former Moline Consumers(38409 bytes)
Former Moline Consumers
1mark.jpg (41255 bytes)
The Mark
i-Wireless Center
the-mark.jpg (26718 bytes)
The i-Wireless Center
from the air
wharton-fh.jpg (39016 bytes)
Wharton Field House