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Calvin Coolidge

25th Anniversary

1940 - 1965

Brief History of
Calvin Coolidge Junior High School

Calvin Coolidge Junior High School, which opened January 22, 1940, at the beginning of the second semester, was the result of plans made by the Board of Education in 1929, when the junior high program was started in Moline.

Economic conditions made it necessary to build the central part of the present building in 1933 to temporarily house the elementary pupils of Roosevelt district. This part of the building was constructed with the help of a Works Progress Administration (WPA) grant. In 1938, bonds were voted on by the people and the WPA grants were obtained to complete the junior high and to build a new Roosevelt elementary school on adjoining land to the east. The new elementary building was opened in September, 1939, but Open House and inspection was delayed until it could be held jointly with Coolidge.

Coolidge was designed to correspond with John Deere Junior High in plan and size, but it had important features not found in the older building. Among these were acoustic ceilings, a specially designed music room and a place to park bicycles.

There were 37 classrooms in addition to the auditorium, double gymnasium, cafeteria, and library. The total cost of the entire building and its equipment was $650,000.

The first enrollment was 418 pupils. The staff consisted of 14 full-time teachers, six part time teachers, a librarian, and a study hall teacher. It seemed like Coolidge was too big to be filled. Today all the rooms are used by 753 pupils and 42 staff members.

In 1946, the 10th grade was added to the 7th, 8th and 9th grades. The four grades continued here until 1953 when the 10th grade returned to the senior high. Enrollment continued to increase until by 1960 there were 1200 pupils attending Coolidge. It became necessary to hold double auditorium programs, use the stage dressing room for classes, and have traveling teachers and traveling science laboratories.

To relieve this situation, Woodrow Wilson Junior High School was to have been completed by the fall of 1961, but was delayed by a strike. Since the Wilson faculty had already been appointed, Coolidge and Wilson went on a double shift schedule at Coolidge. Coolidge pupils and teachers met for a shortened six period day from 7:15 a.m. until 12:15 p.m. They had to vacate the building by 12:30 so that the Wilson pupils could enter and be ready for classes from 12:45 p.m. until 5:45 p.m. Fortunately, this lasted only the one semester as Wilson opened on January 29, 1962.

Today on its 25th anniversary, Coolidge looks ahead to continued years of service to the students who enter its doors; a service based on the best use of all the best things the future holds for all of us.

* * * * *

In recognition of the 25th anniversary of the opening of Calvin Coolidge, the P.T.A. and staff held a Tea and Open House from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. on Friday, February 26th 1965.


Members of the Board of Education
in 1940 when Coolidge opened

Caldwell R. Rosborough, President
M. W. BattlesMrs. Lucy A. Harper    
H. S. Bennett, M. D.    Mrs. Hildur Johnson
Erick G. EricksonErnest J. Miller
Mrs. Lucile GlismanT. B. Mirfield
Arthur R. GustafsonLouis A. Paradise
R. P. HaddickMartin Traub

Buildings and Grounds Committee for
Coolidge and Roosevelt

Erick G. Erickson, Chairman
T. B. Mirfield
Martin Traub
Louis Paradise

Superintendent of Schools ....E. P. Nutting
Secretary and Business Mgr ...Elmer W. Freeman
Supervisor of Buildings...........Alvin A Hoglund

* * * * *

Principals of Coolidge and appointment dates

Miss Grace Dale1940
Mr. Walter Congdon1946
Mr. Leslie Cooper1951
Mr. Stanley Smith1955
Mr. Paul Hoff1961

Deans of Coolidge and appointment dates

Mr. Leslie Cooper (1946) Dean of Boys, Assist. Prin.
Mrs. Marcella Kearns(1946) Dean of Girls
Mr. Norman Ziebell (1951) Dean of Boys, Assist. Prin.
Mr. Paul Hoff (1956) Dean of Boys, Assist. Prin.
Mr. Archie Swanson (1961) Dean of Boys, Assist. Prin.


Directory of Staff in 1940

PrincipalGrace B. Dale (deceased)
Office ClerkFrances Casady (deceased)
Bess Barnett109
Margaret BeckerMusic, 303
Frances Chambers202
Bess ChapmanLibrary, 212
Leslie Cooper6
Geneva Crone (California)210
James S. Drake (Ohio)Gym
Carolyn Fisher (deceased)209
Margaret Griffin203
Doris Hanson (Johnson)111
Clifton Hyink7 and 9
Grace Johnson110
Lorette Johnson305
Marcella KearnsStudy Hall, 102
H. O. Kruzan (deceased)8
Katherine McElroyGym
Ruth McIntyre204
Cecile RydenArt, 213
Marian Staack207
Archie Swanson108
Esther Swanson103
Frances Wehman (Kasenberg)205
Emma WeckelCafeteria, 302

Janitor Staff:
Ira Crawford      Charles Dorrance      Sam Christopher

* * * * *

Coolidge "Firsts"

First P.T.A. MeetingApril 4, 1940
First NEWSREELFeb. 16, 1940
First REFLECTORMay 29, 1940
First Cheerleaders chosenFeb 9, 1940
First GraduationJune 5, 1940
First Marching BandNov. 8, 1940
First Operetta, "Treasure Island"      Nov 15, 1940


Members of the First Graduating Class *

Anders, CalJohnson, Doris (Weber)
Anderson, WarrenJohnson, Mae (Wynn)
Baker, BobKitner, Jean (Baille)
Becker, Shirley (Baird)Lawson, Edna (Ray)
Beckstrom, Helen (DeWaele)LeMaster, Glenn
Bennett, Mabel (Stoneburner)        Lichnecker, Hazel
Brown, Ann (Henschel)Loding, Albert
Brown, DickMarkovich, Eli
Carlson, PatMiller, Bob
Carlson, WilliamMiller, Willa (Eilers)
Closen, June (Wolener)Miller, Glendel
Cooksey, Cleora (Becker)Morris, Roland
Coopman, Marie (Lamb)Pisman, Marian (Humberstone)
Crawford, Phyllis (Thatcher)Raifsnider, Joyce (Swanson)
Cummings, Betty (Dudley)Rogula, Lila
DeBaker, LowellRyan, Lois (Cornmesser)
DeLong, Williscene (Nelson)Sharp, Bill
Deppiman, BillSherer, Mary (Arndt)
Deverman, DelbertSivets, Phyllis (Rice)
DeWick, Ruth (Clements)Staack, Katherine
Duncan, Anna Mae (Smith)Stelter, Ruth (Clifton)
Elander, Barbara (Johnson)Strandlund, Betty (Lindberg)
Finfgeld, TomSwanson, William
Ford, EloiseTaylor, Jack
Fredrichson, Ann (Nelson)Trevor, Alan
Giles, DonUdehn, Kenneth
Graham, Betty (Anderson)Vaughn, Robert
Griffin, Lila (Litchenberg)Verplaetze, Irene (Strauberg)
Gronke, LaverneVogel, Ruth (Johnson)
Hamor, Darlene (Webb)Wagoner, Dorothy (Mitchell)
Harris, DeanWells, Shirley
Haubeil, Marjorie (Slater)Wilcoxon, Janet
Hingten, Paul 
Ingelson, Margaret (Zvonik) 
Jensen, Kenneth 
* NOTE: Names in parenthesis are maiden names.


P.T.A. Presidents of Coolidge

1940-41      Judge Albert Crampton (deceased)
1941-42Mrs. H. W. Coddington
1942-43Mr. E. G. Bopf
1943-44Mr. Tom Stone
1944-45Mrs. G. Franklin Johnson
1945-46Mr. Howard Gordon
1946-47Mr. Ralph E. Stephenson
1947-48Mr. Walton Gillespie
1948-49Mr. Alfred Waffle
1949-50Mrs. Ernest Taylor
1950-51Mrs. Henry Hannah
1951-52Mrs. Eugene Smith
1952-53Mrs. John Perry
1953-54Mrs. Harold Farr
1954-55Mrs. Earl Hammond
1955-56Mrs. Paul Almquist
1956-57Mrs. Allen Tompkins
1957-58Mrs. Guy Ferry
1958-59Mrs. J. Richard Pearson
1959-60Mrs. Riley Trimble
1960-61Mrs. James Harper
1961-62Mrs. J. R. Carson
1962-63Mrs. Harry C. Johnson
1963-64Mrs. Robert Brunner
1964-65Mrs. William McKenzie

The preceding text was transcribed by J.L. McKenzie on August 6, 2002 from a pamphlet called "Calvin Coolidge 25th Anniversary 1940 - 1965" which was produced by the Calvin Coolidge P.T.A. in 1965.

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