Class of 1968


We've lost track of many classmates over the years and although we've tried, we can't locate them. If you see your name on this list and you graduated with us, please send us a note and tell us you're all right. We promise not to bother you or publish your whereabouts if you don't want us to, but we'd like to know that you're OK.

If you see the name here of someone that you know, and you know where they are, please tell them we're looking for them and ask them to contact us. If you'd rather, let us know where they are and we can contact them. You can send a note to us here... The WebMasters..


Robert Anderson W. Marcia (Boden) Lewis Barbara Bullock Deborah (Carlson) Harris
Mike Cox Larry Crow Karl Decker Vicki Dooley
Valerie (Epplin) Brown Rita Fisher Dennis Freisinger Ken Funk
Robert Garland Wesley Garmon Mike Giovanazzo Arnold Glassman
Susan Gordon Michael Healy Laura (Hernandez) Hoffman Easter Howe
Drew Huskey Allen Jackson Mary Jenkins Waylan Johnson
Barbara Johnston Margaret Lehman Rick McKay Larry Moore
Gary Nelson Susan (Powell) Snider Bill Quaintance Sheryle Ragland
Michael Reedy Millard Rogers Victoria Sage James Scudder
Rosemary (Self) Simms Susan (Sipes) Howell Debbie Smith Sharon Sutton
Dale Swanger Raymond Vallejo Robert Zimmerman